Vida Petit Bonsai Kadarka Szekszárd PDO

CHF 21.00

Red wine

9 auf Lager

Grape variety: Kadarka (clonal selection from the winery's 100 year old vines)

A joyful wine with vibrant fruitiness, endless charm, and elegance. A truly enjoyable Kadarka, born from a young plantation. If the Bonsai is like a 40 year old, dark-haired, mature Lady, the Petit Bonsai is a 20 year old blonde lively girl.

Clear purple colour, the wine has strawberry, raspberry and black cherry as protagonists both on the nose and on the palate with a touch of pepper and a hint of fresh mint.

Vinification: Hand harvest, manual bunch selection, cooled fermentation at low temperature for 10 days. Ageing in inox tanks for 8 months.

Serving temperature 16C°-17C°.


Alcohol by volume: 13,0%




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