We could start with talking about the history of viticulture going back in time till the ancient cultures. But that is what everybody can read in books. Our story is more profane. It all began in London and with the world famous English kitchen that made me cook for myself and quite soon I ended up with friends gathering aound in my dinning room to taste my creations and the results of my culinary experiments. This was the moment when I started to immerse into the amazing and endless world of wines and today I’m a certified wine expert. This is how my hobby became my profession. So you know the woman in the story. But where is the man? Then the story has continued in Zürich where I met Andrea for the first time. The common interest, the similar attitude and the passion for gastronomy and wine brought the idea of working together. Wine tastings, wine courses, wine&dine, wine&canvas are the programs that we organise together and give our guest a memorable moments. In 2017 besides importing and selling wines we expanded our portfolio with olive oil and gourmet products and have more ideas for the near future: we are planning to step out of the virtual world and opening our first wine shop and bar in Zürich.

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