Lenkey Túlélő 2.0 2014 PDO Tokaj Dry White Wine

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White wine

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A wine from a very tough vintage, that is where the name is coming from: the Hungarian word "Túlélő" means survivor. 90% of the grape-crop has been damaged by various fungal diseases in 2014. The winemaker selected Furmint and Hárslevelű bunches which had survived powdery mildew from 15 plots of our 8 vineyards.

It became like a good documentary, complicated and meaningful….

Released in: January 2022, after ageing for 46 months in barrel, and further 40 months in bottle.

Produced in

 890 bottles

Acid content

 7,35 g/l

Extract content without sugar

33,8 g/l

Sugar content

 2,5 g/l


14 %

Recommended consumption

 12-14 °C



Closing type


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