Holdvölgy Intuition No.2 2019, Sárgamuskotály, Tokaj PDO off-dry white

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White wine

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This small-berry version of Muscat Blanc (muscat blanc à petits grains) is usually presented in the winery's late harvest wine. In 2019, driven by the winemaker's intuition and his ever experimenting nature, the grape grown in the historical Nyulászó vineyard was selected and harvested for an exceptional off-dry wine.

Crystal clear, pale lemon color. Its captivating scent can be described with eldelflower, lychee and gooseberry, meanwhile the palate is dynamic anddefined by elderflower, fresh peach and citrusy notes. Infinite play with balance in which the vibrating character of this first class vinyard of Mád village comes to live. 

Alcohol by volume: 12,0%

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