2HA Tabunello - Sangiovese Grosso, 2015

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Red wine

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2015 Badacsony

This wine is the reason why I met the wine maker, Csaba Török. 

Unexpected and impessive. Red wine made in a typically white wine region, an Italian grape variety grown in Hungary.  But if we look behind the scene and go into the details we can see and understand that it's quite sraight forward that Sangiovese feels good on the St. George-hill: Southern slopes, more sunny hours than in Tuscany, volcanic soil. 

This wine is not for drinking it young. It needs time to show its beauty and real character. The 2015 vintage has just become a great wine with a huge ageing potential.

Its base is sangiovese grosso which is an extremely late ripening variety therefore the crop must be strictly controlled, its homeland was originally Tuscany. The Etruscans and Romans had already grown it  - there are 2500-year-old records about it. The 2HA Winery and Vineyards were the first ones cultivating it in Hungary.

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