Babiczki Cabernet Franc 2018

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Quality dry red wine from Hungary, Mátra wine region.

Grape vatiety: 100% Cabernet Franc
Its fiery and dynamic fragrance is completed by a flavor reminiscent of dried red berry fruits. It has a crunchy, rich and a bit of sweetish fiery taste. It can be perfectly paired with both red meats and red fruit desserts. 
Being young and frisky – Lifestyle locked in a bottle: 
‘One… who… takes… it all!!’
The Babiczki Cabernet franc – in spite of being young, it knows well, what it wants…!!! 
If you still don’t know, what you want—It will show you your common destiny…
Beyond the light garnet red color, a bomb is ticking… its fragrance reminiscent of mature red berry fruits is followed by a full-bodied and fiery flavor, which spreads like velvet in your mouth… and then EXPLODES…!! TAKES IT ALL…!! 
And then comes the deep silence… these are the sounds of respect… 

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