Blanc Vi Natural 2018 DO Tarragona

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White wine

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BLANC Vi Natural wines are wines made only with grapes from the vineyards of the winery itself. They don't add anything. That's why these wines are called WHITE, like a blank box.

The wine maker is Moisès Virgili from Celler 9+, in La Nou de Gaià (close to Tarragona). Thanks to his experience working with wines without added sulfites, the  wines are pleasant and honest that improve over time in the bottle. 

The vineyards, small and surrounded by other crops, are located 5 km from the coast. They have a coastal Mediterranean climate. The proximity of the sea warms the atmosphere, avoiding frosts in winter and extreme heat in summer.

The BLANC Natural Wines are friendly and light, but at the same time also complex as a result of a careful work with the lees. The Blanc wines are unfiltered. 

Young xarel·lo wine (locally called Carthusian) without sulfites. Only grapes. Spontaneous and unclarified fermentation. Very rich in ripe fruit aromas and notes of evolution (it experiences a different evolution from conventional wines, it is a much richer and more complex wine). Fantastic for drinking it without food but perfect for accompanying paella, fish, pasta and white meat.

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