Pfneiszl "Fairy Land" Blaufränkisch 2015

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Red wine

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Grape variety: Kékfrankos (Blaufränkisch)

Long-aged, full-bodied, yet elegant Kékfrankos, it has minerality, distinctly restrained woody notes, and wonderful fruitiness.


3 years in oak barrels and approx. 3 years in bottle before launching, shows the potential for Sopron’s most important variety very well.


Anyone who starts to get to know this wine is advised to devote time to it, drink it in itself, without food pairing. Put in a decanter before enjoying!

The story:
Once upon a time there was an old man. He lived in a beautiful and fabulous region called Sopron. One morning he woke up for a sad thing: he lost his land overnight. The valuable soil slowly fell asleep like Sleeping Beauty. Many-many decades later the great-great grandson of the old man called Franz Pfneisl woke the valuable soil up from its dream and come it into life. This was not only the fulfilment of the old man’s dream because his successors made Kékfrankos in Sopron again like him. Franz Pfneisl can claim himself to be lucky because his daughters Birgit and Katrin know well how valuable this treasure is.


Fairytale Land comes in a wooden box with a lock.


Alcohol by volume: 14,0%

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