Tokaj Nobilis - Tokaji Aszú 5 puttonyos 2014

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Sweet and Dessert wines

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Grape variety: Furmint

This 5 "puttonyos" Aszú from the Tokaj Nobilis winery is one of our best value for money wines in the dessert wine category. Elegant and balanced, dry fruits, exotic fruits and of course, botrytis notes are defining the taste character of the wine.

Despite its high sugar content the vibrant acids compensate the sweetness and leave a very pleasant feeling on the palate.

Pairing suggestion: the obvious pairing is with desserts, but you cannot make a mistake if you offer it with cheese, goose liver or salty dishes.

Expovina Wine Trophy 2021 Gold Medal Winner

Alcohol by volume: 11,0%

Residual sugar: 140,7g/l

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