Valbusenda - Abios Tinta de Toro Magnum, D.O. Toro 2018

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Red wine

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The Valbusenda winery is located within the spot of land that carries its name in the Vega de Toro area, and where the main geographical feature is the Duero River. The estate is made up of 16 hectares (37 acres) of wines, age between 20 and 120 years, whilst the Valbusenda team manages their own vineyards, they also buy the grapes of another 80 hectares of old vines, which yield barely 3.000 kilos of grapes per hectare )22hl/ha).

Abios is the entry level wine of the winery, representing the power of Toro region wines with an extremely good value for money. Ruby red color, fresh nose. On the palate, cherries and dark fruits, light liquorice and roasted aromas, goes well with grilled meat and tapas.

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