Vinebration & TS Hungarovin Tasting @Charlotte Bakery - 17.06.2022 18:30

Jun 01 , 2022

Vinebration & TS Hungarovin Tasting @Charlotte Bakery - 17.06.2022 18:30

Sweet City Life - this could be the motto of our mid-June tasting @ Charlotte Bakery, in the heart of Zürich.

Three women unite their forces and invite you to this event where Vinebration and TS Hungarovin presents their wines available at Charlotte Bakery. To make the tasting even more memorable and joyful, Emese, the owner and creator of Charlotte Bakery will add her sweet (and salty) little things.

When: 17.06. Friday, 18:30

Where: Charlotte Bakery, General Wille Strasse 11, 8002 Zürich

Admission: 15 CHF

The line up:

  • Tokaj Nobilis Methode Traditionnelle
  • Babiczki Irsai Olivér
  • Tokaj Nobilis Sárgamuskotály
  • Pannonhalmi Hemina Cuvée
  • Vida Petit Bonsai
  • Tokaj Nobilis 5 puttonyos Aszú

As the number of seats are limited, we would like to ask you to sign up for the event either with clicking on the button at the end of the event description or via e-mail: or