2HA Online Wine Tasting

Nov 11 , 2020

2HA Online Wine Tasting

Date & Time: Friday, 27th November 2020, 18:00

Place: this time only online via Zoom. Zoom meeting details will be shared as a reply to the sign-up and after purchasing the wine box.

2HA Wine Box for Online Tasting is available in shop

Everybody has a story, so does Csaba Török, the funder and winemaker of the 2HA Vineyard and Winery. The protagonist of Vinebration’s next online tasting will be a selection of their wines. Vinebration prefers to work with smaller, family owned wineries, and the story of 2HA is a perfect example of why.

2HA Vineyard and Winery is a boutique winery in the Badacsony region, started with 2 hectares on the exceptional St. George mountain, is located at the north side of Lake Balaton, now cultivating 4ha vineyard.

As they claim, the 2x2ha size of the vineyard guarantees that all the vines are cultivated with special, personal treatment, therefore they are able to produce the best wines possible.

Apart from that personal treatment, small wineries are tend to be more experimental and bold - just look at the design of their campaign presented above -, maybe because they’ve got less to lose? The philosophy behind founder Csaba Török’s daring attitude is quite simple: “In the worst case scenario the grapes look ugly, then we drink the wine and cook for each other on the mountain.”

Get insight into Csaba's stories, feel the atmosphere of his beautiful estate even through the screen and enjoy his elegant and exceptional wines.

2HA Wine Box for Online Tasting 

Content of the box - 6 bottles for the price of 5.

2HA Olaszrizling 2015

2HA Pinot Gris 2015

2HA "Egyszervolt" red cuvée 2014

2HA Cabernet (Franc) 2015

2HA Shiraz 2016

2HA Tabunello (Sangiovese) 2015

The box can be ordered by 23rd November 2020.

The boxes will be delivered before the tasting but latest by 25th November.