Quiz o'clock

May 06 , 2021

Quiz o'clock

Another surprise for you, another chance to win!

1. In which country are Taggiasca olives grown? | In welchem Land werden

die Taggiasca Oliven kultiviert?

a) Italy | Italien b) Switzerland | Schweiz c) Croatia | Kroatien

2. Where is the Noos Nocino from? | Woher kommt der Noos Nocino?

a) Graubünden b) Ticino c) Glarus

3. Which is Hungary's most famous wine region for sweet wines? | Welches

ist die berühmteste Weinregion für ungarische Süssweine?

a) Villány b) Sopron c) Tokaj

4. Which grape variety is typical in Marche? | Welche Traubensort is typisch

für die Region Marche?

a) Montepulciano b) Nebbiolo c) Nero d'Avola

5. Which bird is on the label of a Swiss gin? | Welcher Vogel ziert die Etikette

eines schweizer Gin?

a) sparrow | Spatz b) eagle | Adler c) falcon | Falke

Send us back five correct answers via Instagram/Facebook direct message or to info@vinebration.com, and try your luck!

The draw will be on Monday, 10th May - right after the shop’s open weekend -, where we are giving away the following three prizes:

3rd prize: Sommariva Package: Taggiasca Olives, Caviale del Centa, Pesto Genovese and Muela Olio di Oliva spray
2nd prize: NOOS Nocino walnut liqueur
1st prize: 2HA Courage Cuvee 2012

Game on!